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Research for Action

Meet Our Team

We are education research, policy, community-engagement and communications experts, and highly experienced nonprofit professionals deeply committed to advancing racial and social justice in education.

Rayane Alamuddin

Chief Research Officer

Gina Arnone

Senior Research Associate

Kevin Burgess

Research Analyst

Kri Burkander

Senior Research Associate

Leana Cabral

Research Associate

Kate Callahan

Executive Director

Headshot of Mark Duffy

Mark Duffy

Senior Research Associate

Mary Eddins

Policy Associate

Headshot of Pete Greenfield

Peter Greenfield

IT Director

Tracey A. Hartmann

Senior Fellow, Informal Learning

Elizabeth Jackson

Research Associate

Dae Y. Kim

Chief Statistician

Kendall LaParo

Research Associate

David Lapp

Director of Policy Research

Alexis Little

Research Associate

Shafiqua Little

Policy Associate

Lindsey Liu

Research Associate

Myrteny Metzger


Alison Murawski

Chief Operating Officer

Saxon Nelson

Director of Community Engagement

Siettah Parks

Visiting Research Associate

Maja Pehrson

Research Analyst

Molly Pileggi

Senior Research Associate

Keerthanya (Keerthi) Rajesh

Keerthanya Rajesh

Research Analyst

Julia Ransom

Research Associate

Alita Robinson

Research Assistant

Anna Shaw-Amoah

Policy Associate

Taylor Stenley

Visiting Research Analyst

Alyn Turner

Director of Quantitative Research

Sean Vannata

Research Analyst

Meena Wolverton

Chief Financial Officer & Managing Director

Brandon Woods

Finance and Operations Manager

Explore Our Projects

RFA partners with organizations, school districts, higher education systems, and OST and early childhood education providers—as well as many other entities—to evaluate programs, study policies, and conduct research on timely, impactful education reforms, topics, and programs.

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