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Peter Greenfield

IT Director


  • M.A. in Wellness and Lifestyle Management: Rowan University
  • B.S. in Management: Rutgers University
Headshot of Pete Greenfield

About Peter Greenfield

As RFA’s IT Director, Pete is responsible for the organization’s day-to-day technical operations and strategy, including data safety and security, managing and responding to support requests, and hardware deployments.

Pete also sets and implements RFA’s long-range IT strategic planning. Prior to joining RFA, Pete acquired more than 10 years of experience in the field as the Assistant Manager of Technical Support at Cooper Medical School of Rowan University and in IT roles at Atlas Energy, Credit Lenders Service Agency, and Rutgers University.

  • I'm a real nerd about...

    Ultra-endurance sports.

  • Currently binge watching

    The Great Pottery Throw Down.

  • If I could have a superpower it'd be...