What Sets Us Apart

RFA has an established track record as an independent, trusted source for accessible, timely research on emerging education issues. Our role as a neutral broker of information; our commitment to producing clear and accessible information aligned to the needs of our partners and stakeholders; and our deep content and methodological expertise sets us apart from the field. Undertaking a study with RFA demonstrates a commitment to sharing lessons learned and revealing hard truths, while contributing knowledge to the field to improve access to a high quality education for all.

Who we are

We are education experts; we possess deep content expertise in nearly all realms of K-16 education. We are rigorously-trained researchers; we have unparalleled skills in qualitative, quantitative and policy research methods. We are misson-driven; our staff care deeply about education and students, and about creating opportunities for all students to succeed.

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What we do

We conduct rigorous, cutting-edge, responsive research and evaluation studies. We build on more than 20 years of experience. We employ a client-driven approach that ensures careful understanding of context and nuance. We use sophisticated communication techniques to ensure that our studies are useful and influential. We have impact.

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What we're doing now

RFA is currently undertaking two dozen research and evaluation studies with a wide variety of partners. Our work spans the city of Philadelphia, the state of Pennsylvania, and more than 16 other states throughout the nation. Visit Current Work to learn more.

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