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Gina Arnone

Senior Research Associate

Pronouns: She/Her


  • Ph.D. in Applied Psychology and Human Development: University of Pennsylvania
  • Ed.M. in Applied Psychology and Human Development: Harvard University
  • B.A. in Psychology: Villanova University

About Gina Arnone

Gina Arnone, Ph.D., currently serves as Co-Director of an evaluation of the Philadelphia Anti-Violence Community Expansion Grant Program. She also contributes to other projects focused on both formal and informal educational opportunities for youth and community college learners.

Gina has experience conducting research in diverse school community contexts. Her work has focused primarily on the school experiences of immigrant and refugee families, including the ways in which educators can incorporate families’ linguistic and educational resources in school spaces. As an adjunct instructor in human development, she has valued time in the classroom with undergraduate and graduate students not only because she loves teaching, but also because conversations with students inform her learning and work. She stays connected with her community through various volunteer roles, including tutoring, mentoring, organizing, and grant writing.

  • I'm a real nerd about...

    Argentine tango

  • If I could have a superpower it’d be...

    The ability to speak every language and to talk with animals.

Key Projects by Gina Arnone

Out-of-School Time (OST) Coordination: Infrastructure for Supporting Healthy OST Ecosystems

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