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Evaluating the Impact of the Teranga Academy Learning Model on Immigrant and Refugee Student Success

Began in May 2023

Undertaking a comprehensive five-year evaluation, this project assesses the efficacy of the Teranga Academy model, designed by Fugees Family, in supporting recent immigrant and refugee students within public middle and high schools. Named Teranga Academy, this competency-based and culturally responsive learning framework is implemented across various school districts nationwide.

The evaluation comprises both an impact study and an implementation study. The impact study employs a quasi-experimental design to gauge the effect of the Teranga Academy model on academic outcomes and social-emotional learning among students. Concurrently, the implementation study examines fidelity in implementing the Teranga Academy model and delves into the experiences and perspectives of participating students and their educators.

This initiative is integral to the broader mission of fostering equitable, just, and high-quality learning opportunities for recent immigrant and refugee students, who often encounter systemic challenges within U.S. education systems.