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Equity-Focused Charter School Authorizing Toolkit

Providing high-quality and equitable learning opportunities should be a primary goal of all schools and school systems. Charter schools comprise the most steadily growing sector of Pennsylvania’s public education system, now home to over 160 brick-and-mortar charter schools. As with all public schools—given the right conditions—the charter sector can offer promise as a mechanism for reducing inequity.

RFA’s Equity-Focused Charter School Authorizing Toolkit, commissioned by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, includes 15 custom-made tools and examples of best practices from around the country for how Pennsylvania’s school district authorizers can work together with charter schools to promote equitable access. The tools and strategies can either be adopted as is, or revised to align with individual community needs and priorities.

In addition to the full Toolkit, an editable version of each individual tool is available for download below:

Tool 1 – Performance Framework

Tool 2 – Authorizer Website Guidance

Tool 3 – Model Student Application Form

Tool 4 – Model Student Enrollment Form

Tool 5 – Model Complaint Form

Tool 6 – Authorizing “Staffing Plan”

Tool 7 – New Charter Application Guidance

Tool 8 – Enrollment Projection Form

Tool 9 – Summative Rubric: Guidance & Equity Sections

Tool 10 – Charter Agreement Sample Language

Tool 11 – Equity Data Form

Tool 12 – Equity Program Report Form

Tool 13 – Staff Roster Form

Tool 14 – Equitable Enrollment Phone Call Script

Tool 15 – 5-Year Equity Data Form