RFA Presentations Featured at AERA 2016

Research for Action will once again make a strong showing at the American Educational Research Association (AERA)’s Annual Meeting. Check out our sessions, described below.




12:25-1:55 pm
Convention Center, Level One, Room 158 A
What Does “Fair” Mean to Students?
Dr. Katrina Morrison will present her paper examining ninth grade students’ perceptions of fairness and unfairness with regards to their school’s discipline policy.
2:15-3:45 pm
Convention Center, Level Two, Exhibit Hall D – Section B
The Launch of the Philadelphia Education Research Consortium (PERC): Lessons From the First Year of Implementation
Drs. Rosemary Hughes and Brittan Hallar will speak about their experience helping to launch PERC and the process by which PERC selected and executed its first research project: an in-depth analysis of how best to apply the emerging concepts of Blended Learning to Philadelphia school contexts.




8:15-9:45 am
Convention Center, Level Two, Exhibit Hall D – Section D
Career and Technical Education in Juvenile Justice Facilities: A Study of the Pennsylvania Academic Career and Technical Training Network
Roger Chu will be presenting a study, co-authored with Dr. Tracey Hartmann, in a roundtable session on juvenile justice facilities that have agreed to raise the quality of the educational services they provide by using Career and Technical Training as a key component of their educational program.
10:35am-12:05 pm
Convention Center, Level One, Room 102 A
Outcomes-Based Funding in Postsecondary Education: An Expanded Analysis of Effects in Three States
RFA’s Director of Quantitative Research, Dr. Daniel Long, and Senior Associate, Dr. Kate Callahan, will be presenting a study examining whether the different versions of outcomes-based funding policies in Indiana, Ohio and Tennessee had an impact on student outcomes.
2:45-4:15 pm
Convention Center, Level Two, Room 207 B
The Unique Role of Non-University Research Centers in the Study of Educational Equity
In this AERA Presidential Session, RFA’s Executive Director, Dr. Kate Shaw, will participate as a panelist discussing the critical role that organizations can play in bringing rigorous social science methodology to one of education’s most intractable problems.

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