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Value-Added Models in Teacher Evaluation and Development

Began in January 2024

This project is a research synthesis on the use of value-added models (VAMs) for identifying high-impact teachers and supporting teacher development and growth. Through a scoped review of the literature and background interviews with teachers, school, and district leaders, this study will provide foundational research on the practical applications of teacher value-added models, including how states and districts are using VAMs to improve teacher quality, educators’ experiences with VAMs, and the equity implications of using VAMs to identify high-impact teaching. The study will also provide actionable research recommendations for future inquiry into high-impact teaching as measured by VAMs.

The use of value-added models has led to considerable advances in research and practice regarding teacher effectiveness and development. However, they have also raised concerns and controversy over the models themselves and the implications of their use in practice, including implications for teachers of color, who are disproportionately represented in under-resourced schools and communities.

This project will synthesize the knowledge base on the extent to which VAMs are useful for identifying high-impact teachers and supporting teacher development, while paying close attention to equity considerations for teachers and particularly teachers of color.