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Wisdom to Action: Learning from Black Educators to Diversify Allegheny County’s Teacher Workforce

Join us in Pittsburgh on March 19, 2024, for an inspiring and informative Teach-In event that delves into the contributions, challenges, and future directions for Black educators in Allegheny County.

On March 19, 2024, Research for Action (RFA) will host a Teach-In gathering in Pittsburgh titled, “Wisdom to Action: Learning from Black Educators to Diversify Allegheny County’s Teacher Workforce.” This event is informed by our organization’s recent Allegheny County Education Research project study, Small but Mighty: Lessons from Black teachers’ Experiences in Allegheny County. The Teach-In will be an eventful evening focused on celebrating the contributions of Black educators, understanding challenges experienced from Black educators the field, and applying lessons learned to better support Black teachers and in turn increase retention.

This dynamic convening is an opportunity to network with educational stakeholders and learn directly from students, educators, and educational influencers through engaging presentations and a panel discussion, and leave with tools to support the movement of efforts impacting the diversification of the county’s educator workforce.

RFA Speakers

RFA Speakers

Invited Speakers & Panelists

Invited Speakers

Special Guests

Alexis Walker

  • Alexis Walker, Education Coordinator, City of Pittsburgh, Office of the Mayor
  • Joseph P. Stamerra & Allegheny 4-5 Grade Choral Ensemble


Order of Events

4:30 pm – 6 pm

  • Learning & Networking

6 pm – 8 pm


  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Youth Performances & Special Greetings
  • A Look at the Research
  • Short Break & Activity
  • In Sharp Focus: A Dialogue on Teacher Diversity
  • A Token of Gratitude for Teachers



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