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Using College Placement Reform to Catalyze Institutional Change

Colleges nationwide are changing course placements, often driven by state policies. These changes spur broader shifts in curriculum, advising, and infrastructure, and can dramatically shape student learning environments. Join this RFA and Phase Two Advisory webinar on June 18, 2024, for insights from studies on placement reforms, exploring their impact and interplay with state policies and institutional practices.

Colleges around the country are rethinking the ways that entering students are placed into first-year courses. These changes are often spurred by state policy reforms and, at times, lead to broader institutional changes to curriculum, pedagogy, advising, and infrastructure. These institutional changes can, in turn, have a substantial impact on student learning environments.

How do institutions use state policy focused on a relatively narrow construct–course placement–and use it to catalyze broader change? This webinar will share insights from two studies examining placement reforms, one with a national lens and one focused on California. We will use the findings to understand the interplay between state policy contexts, institutional reform efforts, and individual practice.


Kri Burkander, RFA Senior Research Associate, Melinda Mechur Karp, Founder, Phase Two Advisory; Vikash Reddy, Vice President of Research, The Campaign for College Access

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