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Enacting Common Core Instruction: How Intermediate Unit 13 Leveraged its Position as an Educational Service Agency to Implement and Scale the LDC Initiative

Following three years of extensive data collection in LDC study sites throughout the country, Research for Action (RFA) has produced three case studies to illustrate how the LDC and MDC tools have been adopted in different settings and contexts, and which approaches and supports have contributed to the successful adoption and use of the tools. The case studies provide a set of “road maps” for other sites that will be adopting or scaling up tool use.
Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit (IU 13) provides an example of how an intermediary educational service unit–or other regional organizations in other state–can offer leadership, leverage resources, and build district capacity to effectively use literacy tools aligned with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and scale such initiatives. This approach to the implementation and scaling of a CCSS-aligned literacy framework also provides useful lessons for how states with similar entities can approach elements of their CCSS strategy.