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An Analysis of the Effect of Children Achieving on Student Achievement in Philadelphia Elementary Schools

This report provides a detailed summary of the quantiative analysis as part of Children Achieving, specifially focusing on the effects this systemic reform had on student achievement in elementary schools in the Philadelphia School District. The quantative analysis addresses four specifc research questions including: 1. What meaningful and measurable componemts composed the Children Achieving effort; 2. What was the relationship between Children Achieving and student achievement; 3.) Did identified school-level characteristics, teacher demographics, school conditions, and Children Achieving reform variables significantly relate to fourth grade reading achievement?; and 4.) Did identified school-level characteristics, fourth grade reading achievement, and certain Children Achieving reform variables significantly relate to teacher-reported school conditions and other aspects of the reform? Findings provide support for the hypothesis that Children Achieving reforms are related to students’ school achievement and components demonstrate significant realtionship to fourth grade reading achievement.