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P’unk Avenue and Community College of Philadelphia

Began in June 2021

P’unk Avenue, a branding and digital agency, is providing the Community of Philadelphia (CCP) Branding & Visual Identity and Website Development Services to improve CCP’s marketing and outreach. P’unk Avenue partnered with Research For Action to identify community perceptions of CCP through mixed-methods research. This research continues to inform parts of P’unk Avenue’s rebranding process by highlighting CCP’s strongest attributes, providing community insight about the college, and recommendations to highlight CCP’s strengths.


This mixed-methods study included administering a survey to current and prospective students, as well as conducting focus groups with key stakeholder groups (students, CCP staff/faculty, and Philadelphia’s workforce leaders). The survey and quantitative analysis provided information on perception and awareness of CCP within the region. The focus groups, which were planned and adapted based on survey results, provided a more nuanced understanding of stakeholders’ perspectives. The research helped provide P’unk Avenue with a clearer understanding of how to best market CCP’s many offerings and strengths as an institution to better serve the community.