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Kim Glassman, Suzanne Delap, Alyn M. Turner

Research for Action Strengthens Leadership Team with New Appointments

PHILADELPHIA — Research for Action (RFA), a leading nonprofit dedicated to improving educational opportunities and outcomes for all learners, today announced new appointments to its leadership team. Kim Glassman and Dr. Suzanne Delap join RFA as research directors, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to their roles. In addition, Dr. Alyn M. Turner has been named Interim Chief Research Officer. 

“RFA is in an active period of transformation to enhance our effectiveness as a research organization. Welcoming Kim and Suzanne and having Alyn step up to the role of Interim CRO marks a pivotal step in this journey,” said Kate Callahan, Ph.D., Executive Director of RFA. “The breadth and depth of their experience, along with their personal commitment to a just education system, will undoubtedly bolster our efforts to drive change and advance our mission.” 

Kim Glassman‘s extensive experience includes 15 years of consulting with nonprofits, philanthropy, and governments to design and measure effective strategies. She has a strong foundation in systems thinking, emphasizing culturally responsive and community-led approaches to address complex inequities. She now leads RFA’s portfolio of developmental and learning approaches to drive innovations in educational systems change. 

“I’m honored, and I’m grateful to help lead this exceptional organization of creative, forward-thinking, and talented research professionals,” said Glassman. “RFA produces innovative, relevant, and insightful research and analysis every day, and our work has real-world impacts on the lives of students, educators, school leaders, and communities. I’m thrilled to join this team and have the opportunity to advance our collective work at such an important time. “ 

Suzanne Delap‘s career has been dedicated to improving outcomes for communities that have been historically marginalized, with a focus on policy, practice, and research. Her work at the intersection of public education, early childhood, and Indigenous studies reflects her dedication to promoting equitable access for all students. Suzanne’s leadership will be instrumental in guiding RFA’s impact portfolio. 

“I have seen firsthand the transformative power of research to reshape educational trajectories and positively impact lives, and I am humbled to lead this kind of work as the organization enters its next chapter,” said Delap. “The mission of RFA has never been more critical. I am committed to leveraging our expertise and resources to drive meaningful change, ensuring that every student has equitable access to quality education and opportunities for success.” 

With a tenure of more than seven years at RFA, Alyn M. Turner’s assumption of the Interim Chief Research Officer role means she will provide strategic direction and oversight for RFA’s entire research operations. Alyn’s previous work at RFA included designing and conducting mixed-methods evaluations in early childhood and K-12 education, as well as directing RFA’s portfolio of quantitative research.  

“I am incredibly proud to have been part of the RFA team for so many years and to have witnessed the evolution of our organization,” said Turner. “Approaches to research within the education sector have also shifted, so there is more work to be done. Being at the helm and helping to drive equity- and justice-oriented inquiry fills me with a sense of pride and purpose and excitement to chart RFA’s influence on the education landscape.” 

RFA engages in research, evaluations, and provides technical assistance aimed at enhancing educational opportunities and outcomes for learners across all demographics. It boasts more than two dozen researchers with expertise in early childhood, K-12, out-of-school time, and higher education who are working on more than 40 projects at the school, district, state, and federal levels.  

About RFA

Research for Action envisions a just education system that supports all students, families, and their communities regardless of race, gender, ability, age, religion, socioeconomics, sexual orientation, ethnicity, citizenship, immigration status, and national origin. RFA conducts research, evaluations, and technical assistance to improve educational opportunities and outcomes for all learners.