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Benjamin B. Herold

Recent Publications by Benjamin B. Herold


Making AYP: The Game (New! 2005 Pennsylvania Edition)

Schools and school districts across the country are under pressure to show that student performance on standardized tests is improving. Much of this pressure is based on the idea that clear expectations, combined with sanctions…


Teacher Quality Inequitable in Philadelphia’s Schools

This article reports on a series of teacher quality reports published by Research for Action. According to a new analysis of data on Philadelphia teachers, schools that have a student population with 10 percent or…


Privatization ‘Philly Style’: What Can Be Learned from Philadelphia’s Diverse Provider Model of School Management (Updated edition with important new information and findings)

This edition of Privatization ‘Philly Style’ updates the 2005 publication of the same name, providing important new information and findings. Philadelphia’s diverse provider model is an intervention aimed at persistently low-performing schools. It is the…
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