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makeSPACE launches in Philadelphia

makeSPACE Arts Program Launches in Philadelphia

We are thrilled to share the official launch of the makeSPACE program, an inspiring arts integration project led by the collaborative efforts of the School District of Philadelphia, Children First PA, and Creative Engagement Lab. At the heart of this two-year initiative is a belief in the transformative potential of arts education in shaping the future of our learners. The program seeks to blend the arts with traditional subjects to foster creativity, activate critical thinking, and encourage deeper engagement with the curriculum. RFA is excited to work alongside these three incredible organizations and to share our insights along the way. 

Please check out the School District of Philadelphia’s official announcement for more information about the program and its roll out. 

RFA’s Role 

As evaluators, our primary objective is to measure the program’s effectiveness. We will rigorously collect and analyze data, collaborating closely with all three partner organizations, to provide meaningful insights about makeSPACE. Our work includes assessing both program implementation and program impact. More information can be found here. 

Lessons Learned from Previous Research on Arts in Education 

RFA’s previous work demonstrates that arts education can have a profound impact on students (see here, here, and here for examples of our research on arts in education. See here, here, and here for examples of additional arts evaluation work). The arts have been linked to enhanced cognitive development, improved social and emotional skills, and increased academic achievement. In our evaluation of makeSPACE, we hope to build on our prior findings and identify best practices that can be scaled to benefit a broad range of learners. 

Stay Tuned 

We hope to share preliminary results about the project along the way. Please check back for updates from RFA about our evaluation of makeSPACE.