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Rayane Alamuddin

Chief Research Officer

Pronouns: She/Her/They/Them


  • Ph.D in Human Development and Social Policy: Northwestern University
  • M.A. in Human Development and Social Policy: Northwestern University
  • M.A. in Cultural Psychology: American University of Beirut
  • B.A. in Psychology: American University of Beirut

About Rayane Alamuddin

Dr. Rayane Alamuddin holds the most senior research role at Research for Action. As Chief Research Officer she provides leadership and strategic direction across all facets of research operations, execution, staff development, hiring, and business development.

Rayane is an experienced mixed-methods social scientist and people leader who is passionate about leveraging actionable research to partner with and support underserved communities, and about creating harmonious and equitable work environments. Prior to joining RFA in May 2022, she held leadership positions in a variety of research and practice settings across the entire educational pipeline, ranging from implementing two-generation education and workforce programs for war-impacted families in her native Lebanon to co-establishing a fast-growing higher education research department at an education non-profit in New York. She enjoys collaborating with others to design and execute culturally responsive research projects, develop and grow diverse teams, and promote organizational structures that support high-quality research, employee well-being, and talent retention. Rayane’s rich multi-cultural background and human-centered systems thinking are central to all aspects of her work.

  • I'm a real nerd about...

    all things psychology

  • A fun fact about me is...

    I once sold my car for $1 at the start of a road trip

  • Can't stop listening to...

    the Moana soundtrack. Literally not allowed to stop.

Key Projects by Rayane Alamuddin

Allegheny County Educator Diversity Project

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