RFA Testifying Before Phila. City Council Today

Philadelphia City Council’s Education Committee is holding hearings today on the reform plans of the School District and RFA’s executive director, Kate Shaw, has been asked to testify. Her testimony on what the research says about the SDP’s past reform efforts, as well as efforts that have been undertaken by other large urban districts nationwide, will take place at approximately 2:00 pm. We have published her testimony on our website, and it can be accessed here. If you have access to cable TV, the hearing is being broadcast on channel 64.

Over two decades, RFA has been the only organization in the city with a sustained research lens focused on the School District. We’ve looked at both the implementation and effects of multiple waves of reform, from the state takeover of the district in 2002 to the comprehensive reform efforts led by Paul Vallas and Arlene Ackerman. Many of the proposals currently before the District share similarities with these earlier reforms. In addition, the discussion taking place at City Council today can be informed by the experiences of other major districts nationwide. RFA is pleased to have the opportunity to testify to highlight past RFA research on directly relevant questions, and to put this debate in a broader national context by summarizing rigorous research on similar efforts in other major urban districts.

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