The Philadelphia Public School Notebook Receives National Attention

Huffington Post: The Philadelphia Public School Notebook blog  keeps its daily readers up to date on educational issues and challenges in Philadelphia. After the Notebook released its report on Friday, which resurfaced a 2009 analysis of standardized test scores that may identify possible cheating, the story has recieved widespread attention.

The “data forensics technical report” was prepared by the Data Recognition Corporation and was given to the Notebook by the state upon request. The analysis, which was prepared for the Pennsylvania Department of Education in 2009,  flags several schools in Pennsylvania with suspicious standardized test results. According to The Notebook’s report, “the odds that the wrong-to-right erasure patterns that showed up on Roosevelt’s 7th grade reading response sheets occurred purely by chance were slightly less than 1 in 100 trillion.” Andrew Porter, dean of the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania, emphasized that statistics alone cannot prove that any cheating occurred. However, the state never followed up with any further investigations after the initial release of the analysis.

According to this article from the Associated Press, the Pennsylvania Department of Education was unaware of the report, which was released under a previous administration,  until the Notebook resurfaced it last week. The district is now investigating the report

Research for Action commends the Phileadelphia Public School Notebook for its diligence and unfading dedication to education in Philadelphia.

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